Hello people.

I will just get to the point. In recent times I have been struggling a lot with financial issues at the Arena. The shop hasn’t been doing well and last month I barely made enough money to pay the rent. I have reviewed my “profit” from the past 6 months and I am looking at close to nothing compared to how much work I have put in here. To put it in perspective, having a typical job would get me more money, less stress and more free time. Not making enough to support my shop and myself is what makes for this “abrupt” decision. I have been pondering quite a lot on this subject. I have talked to people about this asking for their opinion and while everyone else is saying “just go on and you’ll see you’ll make it”, I can’t pay for my own living costs at the end of a full working month. I work 6 days a week, sometimes even 12 hours per day. The effort is much too high and it’s too much for me to handle.

One might say “but you just bought a bunch of stuff for the shop (Warhammer). Why close now?”. I am not closing tomorrow. My renting contract will expire in September. There are 6 months in which I will sell most of the German products that I have and then move back to Romania to pursue my options there.

“Why are you saying this now?”. I have already set up my transition back to Romania and I have already talked to Games Workshop to give back all the products that I don’t sell. I thought it’s just fair to tell everyone as soon as things were settled.

While that country is considered poor by European standards, there are quite a lot of people interested in hobby gaming. Much more than here. In Ingolstadt it always feels like a huge effort to get 8 people to draft at the same time, or to organize any event that’s not a pre-release. People just aren’t interested. I wanted to give this city something back after living here for so long, but it wasn’t the right choice.

I would like to thank all the people involved in helping make Arena a reality. Thank you for your trust in me and I hope that you will understand this as a natural progression of things.